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Meet someone going your way! And save money too.

Carpooling saves you money by sharing the cost of fuel, tolls and parking. The more people in your carpool, the more everyone saves!

Have a look as you drive to your work or home. How many of the vehicles you see are SOV's (single occupant vehicles). Getting people in carpools will reduce traffic congestion on the roads, reduce travel time and reduce pollution.

Carpooling can be fun!

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Carlink - a MyCarpools Customised Service - wins Queensland Premiers Sustainability Award

Carlink, an internet based corporate carpooling service built by MyCarpools for a community organisation in the South Burnett region of south-east Queensland, has taken out the Partnerships Award at the Queensland Premier's 2010 Sustainability Awards night.

MyCarpools Free Public Carpooling System

An advanced internet based carpooling system, originally designed for private corporate use, has been released free on the internet. MyCarpools has been developed for companies to provide as a service and staff benefit for their workers. However the high petrol prices and the difficulty that is causing people have prompted the developers to release a version to the internet for free.

Peak hour car trips have higher emissions

An RACQ study has found that Brisbane drivers use 30 per cent more fuel getting to work in peak hour, compared to the same journey in the middle of the day.

Save money for you staff, Save carparks for you clients. Save the air for everyone. Start a carpool at work

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