Why Carpool?

Because you reduce air pollution, reduce congestion and reduce fossil fuel use while saving money for everyone involved. That's the immediate outcome. When you partner up with people going your way, start with an agreement on how to share the costs, or simply swap cars every other day or week, then you are all going to save money on fuel, on tolls and parking and on car maintenance.

There are other benefits, some may not be so direct but should not be ignored. For instance if you carpool with people from your place of work, you might find that your employer will provide you with preferred car parking or some other benefit. You might find yourself saving commuting time by getting access to transit lanes. And who knows, you might meet people you like. That's always a good thing.

There are wider community and environmental bonuses that flow from reducing the number of single occupant vehicles on the road. Alongside helping you save money, those wider benefits are what MyCarpools is committed to realizing.

It isn't always easy to find the perfect partner

Despite the sophistication of the program, and even though there are clearly tens of thousands of single occupant vehicles on the main roads of our cities every day, we might not be able to find you the perfect partner straight away.

Don't give up though. MyCarpools is committed to getting thousands of people registered on our database and as more and more people sign up, and tell others about it, the chances of finding the right carpool partner greatly increases.

In fact just in case there is someone out there who you might prefer to be traveling with, perhaps you should refer them to our service.

MyCarpools - Meet someone going your way.

Thursday 23 October 2014 | sign in

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